Phase 2

For our game, me and my group partner decided to choose the topic of illegal immigration because we were so curious to get to know more about the circumstances that would drive the Egyptian youth to expose their lives to this extent of danger. Migrants that violate the immigration law and regulations of a country are considered illegal migrants. The number of illegal immigration cases increases rapidly each year in Egypt. Egypt’s Mediterranean coast has been the source of attempts for migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers to reach Europe irregularly. However, recent studies show that Egypt has been a crucial key partner in migration control policies with the European Union. Egypt has focused on cracking down on any irregular activity that occurs along with its orders which lead to the growth of deportation and detention rates (Immigration Detention Profile). Arancha González Laya the Spanish foreign affairs minister has affirmed that Egypt is a role model in facing the illegal immigration phenomenon. It was mentioned in the interview the importance of stopping illegal immigration will lead to the limitation of exploitation of migrants and human trafficking (Egypt Good Model of Facing Illegal Immigration). 

We tried to get real data from previously interviewed people who lived the experience to be able to draw a realistic and true storyline for our game. As for our research, we started by doing secondary research that enabled us to understand how the process of illegal immigration is done and how it works. Furthermore, our research enabled us to analyze the courses of action that were available for them and the reasons behind their decision to for go for illegal immigration. We recognized that some of the migrants go for this option because they believe that there is a huge shortage in the job offers in Egypt and even the jobs offered do not promise a good standard of living. Therefore, they tend to choose the dangerous option that might lead to their death rather than standing in their place and watching other people getting chances, so they think that working in foriegn countries would secure them better income and would give them the chance to raise their standard of living, however, they fail at taking the legal path because they face some obstacles such as getting their visas rejected and therefore they go for the illegal. From the interviewees words, they mentioned that the process was extremely dangerous because they travel on small boats and at a certain point of the process, they had to jump from the boat in the middle of the sea. Most of the interviewed people agreed that they would never repeat the experience once again if they had the chance because of the drastic scene of people drowning in the sea and the victims’ families state. On the other hand, a small percentage of them stated that they would still take the same decision because they would rather risk their lives another time than living in Egypt. 

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